Symphytum Officinale

Common Name: Comfrey

Family: Boraginaceae

Parts Used: Root, rhizome, leaf.

Collection: Spring/Fall – roots. Dry at  100-140 degrees F. Leaf after dew is gone.

Constituents: Mucilage, gum, allantoin, tannins, alkaloids, resin, volatile oils.

Actions: Vulnerary, demulcent, astrigent, expectorant.

Uses: Wound knitting, gastric and duodenal ulcers, hiatus hernia, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhages, bronchitis, irritable cough, external ulcers, fractures (as compress) chronic varicose ulcers, possibly anticancer actions.


NOTE: This herb has been banned by the FDA. Please exercise caution when researching.

Warning: There is a potential that this herb can cause abscesses in deep wounds if the dressing is neglected.


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