This wordy, passionate, poorly attended, and generally abused blog is the brainchild of my everyday experiences and loves. I am a service professional at a Five Diamond restaurant, a farmer-working a good 1/3 of my week up on an island in the San Juan chain-and an avid coffee drinker. (Was probably a Gilmore in some previous life.)

I’ve got a wicked sense of humor that I’ve been told comes of the German people, even though I can’t find any Germans in my genealogy; and you usually encounter me in a suit when in the city, or plaid when on the island. I have been described as exceptionally elegant, and maladroit by the same person, and I’m usually found with my nose in a thick, finely printed antique of some out-of-print novel.

My life is governed by a cat named Deeks. He generally rules the house with a messy iron claw, and enjoys destroying my vintage couch on a daily basis. His favorite pastime is to stare at me for long stretches of silence at 3am, daring me to go to sleep. (it’s creepy)

I tend to laugh loud, and tell you exactly what I think. I prefer dirt under my fingernails, a glass of cabernet sauvignon in my hand, and a roast on the fire. I like the macabre more than is probably healthy, and I spend my days doing only what I love.

It is my opinion that my life is only worth living if God is in every minute of it, and every minute is filled to the brim with a passion for life. It is my hope that as you read my blog, I am able to impart a modicum of the joy and laughter that fills my life.


2 thoughts on “About

    1. Writing is something I think…transcends everyday life. Something we can use to transport ourselves to another time, place, or world. You’re a brilliant writer, and I really love reading your blog. 🙂


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